Value Added Surface Technology

Simple or Complex Patterns for Microwave Susceptors, Decorative or Functional Applications.

Selective Metallization for Functional and Decorative Applications

VAST FILMS uses a unique technology to allow selective metallization on plastic films, providing the opportunity to create simple or complex patterns.

VAST FILMS uses Food compatible materials for its patterning technique, giving the opportunity to use VAST FILMS products in Food Packaging applications.

Typical applications for Pattern Metallization are:

> Microwave Susceptors


> Decorative Packaging

> Selective Holograms

> Security Applications

> Patterns up to 39 Width

> Repeats up to 32


Selective Metallization works through actively masking the areas that need to stay free of metal. This is achieved by applying a masking pattern immediately prior to the metal deposition. The masking prevents the metal from depositing. The mask itself evaporates during the metallization process.


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Pattern Metallization

Text Box: Pattern Resolution up to 150 lpi have been realized. Each segment of the scale is 1/32 (~ 0.8 mm). Click on picture for more information.